Pro Dashboard

Pro Features

Custom Stock Alerts

Create your own email alert notifications based off trending stocks. Alerts can be created on top number of stocks you want to check, social media/subreddits you want to check, time frame you want to check, and what sentiment you want to check.
For example:
Email me every time a ticker symbol enters the top 10 most talked about tickers across the subreddit(s): wallstreetbets, stocks, pennystocks, RobinHoodPennyStocks and the social media site(s): tiktok that has not trended over the last 7 day(s) and has bullish sentiment.

Past Stock Alerts

See your last 50 stock alerts including: price/sentiment at time of alert, current price/sentiment, price/sentiment change since alert. At the top you can also see the overall price % change from alerts with bullish/bearish sentiment. This allows you to see which custom alerts give the best returns and help you build a winning strategy.

Advanced Trending

Find trending stocks based off any investing subreddit/social media you choose, as well as pick how many days you want to check (up to 30) and the amount of trending stocks you want to see (up to 50). The site will then return: the amount of posts containing that stock as well as the overall sentiment for all the posts containing that stock.
For example:
Show me the top 25 most talked about stocks over the last 7 days across the subreddit(s): investing, stocks, wallstreetbets and the social media site(s): twitter, youtube

Stock/Sentiment Analysis

This tool takes in a stock ticker and a time frame (1 day, 1 week, or 1 month). The site will then return:

1) The current stats of the stock: current price/price percent change, current sentiment, and amount of posts the stock has appeared in over the past day.
2) The overall change stats: This is the percent change in price, sentiment, and mentions over the time period specific by the user.
3) Day by day analysis: This will show the the day by day statistics of price, sentiment, and mentions over the time period specific by the user.
4) Posts by social media: This will show the total number of posts within the time period specified by the user and what social media those posts came from.

Saved Posts

Save any posts from the live feed to the "Saved Posts" section so that you can come back to them later.

StockCompiler Default Alert

As a pro member, you will automatically be alerted every time a new stock begins to trend on StockCompiler (top 10 in mentions across all social media) as well as the sentiment analysis of all the posts containing that ticker symbol.